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Hello. I am Paul. I live in London with my wife Meg, our daughter, and a small brown cat called Pickle.

I am Lead Technical Architect of the Online Technology Group in BBC Future Media. I design, specify and develop software and highly-available web serving architectures. Also lead, manage, consult, handwave...

You can read my CV (now a link to my LinkedIn profile because that's the way the world is these days).

There is a weblog of sorts that I don't update very often. At all, in fact.

Find me around the place on:

Or you may wish to subscribe to my uberfeed if you're an RSS kind of person, and Yahoo! Pipes hasn't fallen over..

If you'd like to send me PGP/GPG encrypted email, here's my public key. I also accept S/MIME signed & encrypted emails.

Paul Tweedy <paul at 70cities dot net>
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